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Love and Intimacy Tips - How to build trust in your relationship

How to build trust in your relationship

Trust in a relationship is the magnetic force that keeps people together . Without trust, couples are much more likely to split in times of crises or have doubts about each other's feelings.

Without trust, you really haven't got anything substantial in a relationship. You must be able to trust your partner, and s/he must be able to trust you.

Tips for building trust in your relationship:

  1. Do not keep secrets. This does not mean that you feel like you have to explain your entire life, especially your past, to your partner at every turn. It does mean that when something comes up in the present that something in your past may be relevant to, you honestly talk about it. You also don't do something important or that would have a profound impact on your relationship without telling your partner about it. You cannot act as if you are all by yourself in an intimate relationship.
  2. Let your needs be known. Don't expect your partner to read your mind. This especially goes for women! You have to tell them what you need from the relationship, or else they may not understand to give it to you. Some things they will be able to figure out, but many other things they won't. Don't make assumptions that they do, or should, just know.
  3. Be reliable. When you say you will do something, do it. When you have a date, show up on time, and if you are running late call and say so. Make your word law. Try not to make promises that you can't keep, even if you mean well by doing so.
  4. Communicate. You have to have a partner with whom you can communicate. This is why looks, all by themselves, are not important: it's because they don't guarantee communication at all. If your partner asks you questions, answer them right away and with a straight, no-nonsense answer. When you have questions, don't hold them in-ask them. Don't make accusations, either.
  5. Believe your partner is competent. If you think that your partner is stupid or immature, why do you want to be with him (or her)? Believe that they can handle what you tell them, who you are, and what you need from the relationship.

The beginning of the crucial trust in a relationship is choosing a healthy relationship to be in. If you have that, then don't wreck it with a lack of trust. Be totally honest and expect the same in return.

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