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Love Shyness

Love shyness is a fear of getting involved with someone in an intimate romantic relationship. Love shyness may be rooted in some different feelings or ideas for different people

Some people are love shy because they are afraid of being hurt-you see, when you open yourself up to being loved you open yourself up to the risk of being hurt by the one you love if things fall apart for some reason. A lot of people are too afraid of this possibility to open themselves to the love they want. Some people actually have been heartbroken in the past, and they seek to completely avoid that happening again-even if the price they pay is lack of love.

Other people are love shy as a mask for their pride. They are too proud to let themselves need someone else, so when they resist this they simultaneously resist letting themselves fall in love.

And still others have concluded that "love isn't real" and they don't want to have their world shattered by falling for any "romantic delusions". Maybe they were raised by emotionally distant parents or something like that.

The thing of it is, many people who are love shy don't realize that they are. How can you tell if you are love shy?.

Are You Love Shy? You probably are if:

  1. You have never, or very rarely, had girlfriends or boyfriends or sex.
  2. You fall in and out of love quickly and indiscriminately.
  3. You have remained single, but not by choice.
  4. You "don't have time for love".
  5. You love someone but you won't tell them, and you act otherwise.
  6. If you do get into a relationship, you constantly look for problems in the other person so that you can tell yourself that they aren't right for you instead of enjoying them.
  7. You fear asking a woman for a date.
  8. If you are a woman, you play hard to get a little too hard.

Overcome love shyness

If you exhibit any of those traits above, you need to work on yourself. You need to recondition your mind by actively working on your stream-of-consciousness. For instance, if you are looking for problems in others, work to replace this by looking for what is right in them while being more aware of your own flaws.

If you haven't had many relationships, let yourself go and be more bold and courageous with your come-ons even if at first it's "just for fun". Remember, practice makes perfect.

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