Top 5 Tips in Establishing Long Distance Relationships

  • Ask the basic questions about the constraints of establishing long-lasting relationships even though you’re a hundred miles away from your partner. Try to ask him or her few questions regarding thoughts on long distance affairs even for a while. Ask if he or she have been into a previous long distance commitment with someone else. Once your partner answered the question, proceed with the more personal ones including questions such as “Are you ready to be committed to someone else who is far away from you?” or “What are the traits you’re looking for in a lifetime partner?” When he or she answers your questions out of uncertainty, you will be able to establish a long distance commitment.
  • Make your long distance partner feel that he or she is also part of what you’re doing. For example, if you’re currently watching a movie or a TV show, send your partner a message saying that you’re imagining him or her on your side watching the film or TV show. Make sure that your partner does the same thing as well. If your partner also keeps on sending you personal messages or phone calls about his or her daily activities, you will be able to establish a successful long distance commitment.
  • Spend some time talking about your future together. If you and your partner are assuming to live together in one roof or get married, discuss already the plans while you’re still miles away from each other.
  • Avoid jealousy and establish trust in each other. Having Trust is the ultimate secret in having successful long distance relationships. Do not be bothered easily if your partner didn’t call you on the phone or sent you a message because he or she is spending time with family and friends. Give each other the reins to spend time with other people and deal with individual commitments.  
  • Have the time to see each other personally. Set a specific date and time where you can spend quality time with each other. Watch movies, have romantic dinner or stroll along in a park.

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