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Love and Intimacy Tips - Five Characteristics of a successful Relationship

Five Characteristics of a successful Relationship

No matter how long have you been in a relationship, you have to continuously work on that relationship and find ways to enhance it and strengthen it.

Having a successful relationship takes time, work, and willing participation from both partners. Love must be made new again every single day, or it withers.

The following are 5 keys to any successful relationship.

  1. Love yourself. It's true when they say that you cannot truly love another unless you love yourself. You need to realize that you are an integer in the relationship just as much as everyone else is. If you are married and have children, your spouse and children are as equally important as you are-but, they are not "more" important. Know that you matter, and you'll be able to show your partner how much s/he matters.
  2. Communicate. Without clear communication, all is lost in a relationship. Great silences create misinformation and suspicions. Also, when someone is close to a person who doesn't communicate clearly or often, he gets the feeling that perhaps he is secretly unwanted
  3. Make time to be together. In today's world, even people who live together in the same house and sleep in the same bed may find that they really don't spend much time together. You have to set aside time when you will pay attention to the other person, give them your full focus. Sex is one good way of doing this, but there needs to be more than that, too. Make your times together "quality time" where you laugh, share ideas, etc.
  4. Learn how to deal with arguments. Arguments and verbal fights are going to happen in a close relationship. That's all there is to it. If you try to avoid this you will really create more problems. Arguments and fights might be painful when they happen, but if you learn how to handle them the right way they will never harm your relationship. Always be willing to listen to the other person's side of things even if you still disagree. Put honest, sincere resolution above your personal feelings or your need to be "right".
  5. Accept change. Life is always changing, and thus so is a relationship. There is nothing wrong with change. Don't be afraid that changes mean the relationship will or needs to end. They only mean that if you want them to, or make them mean that. Roll with the changes, accept the changes in your partner and harmonize yourself with them, and all will be well.

Successful relationships don't just happen. They must be made to work through never-ending passion, creativity, and sharing.

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