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Love and Intimacy Tips - Five Characteristics of a successful Relationship

5 Ways to improve your Communication in a Relationship

Communication means almost everything in a relationship. We can avoid or resolve many conflicts, have a much happier relationship. And not fall into the trap of taking things personally and making wrong assumptions if we simply communicate openly and honestly with our lover and make it clear to them that we expect the same in return at all times.

Effective communication includes the way we talk, how well we listen, and our body language. Most people in relationships, even couples who have been married for many years, can improve the way they communicate with each other in the relationship.

Above all, when there are disagreements or conflicts, it is vitally important to communicate instead of laying blame. There are several ways to achieve this.

  1. Listen. Listen first, talk later. You will have your chance to say what you feel you must. But listen to the other person first. In life, there are always more people wanting to talk than willing to listen. For your relationship to be a joyful one, be different than the typical person and listen first.
  2. Don't Argue. You can disagree without argument if you recognize that the other person's position is to be respected, even if you still cannot agree with it. And who know? You may even learn a new perspective if you just consider what they say.
  3. Turn your complaints into requests. Never demand as a right what you can always ask for as a favor. Follow this guideline and watch your relationship become better than it has ever been before.
  4. Ask yourself how you might be contributing to the problem. Always assume, first, that you might have done or said something wrong. The other person may actually be in the wrong, but never assume that at first. You've heard that there are two sides to every story? Well, lots of times there are 20! Consider all angles first before you make up your mind that "s/he is definitely wrong."
  5. Avoid reading his or her mind. Even those of us who allegedly have psychic abilities aren't mind readers. Never read into things; use your rational mind and ask pertinent questions of the other person.

It has been found in research that couples who experience five times as many happy moments together as they do conflicting ones have long-lasting and fulfilling relationships. They may still fight at times, but they stay together and their love is strong. The only way to have this 5-to-1 ratio is through constant, honest communication.

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