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  • building intimacy
  • Building Intimacy
  • If you have a fear of intimacy is because you have a fear of abandonment, betrayal, and rejection. Fear of intimacy is at the heart of codependency. You might have these fears because you were wounded in early childhood and you feel unworthy and unlovable now.

    succesful relationships
  • Successful Relationships
  • No matter how long have you been in a relationship, you have to continuously work on that relationship and find ways to enhance it and strengthen it.

    have fun together
  • Have fun together
  • What is the number one cause of divorce? Well, in the official statistics, it's fights over money. But the underlying reality is--it is a lack of fun. Remember the old hit song "You Make Loving Fun"? That's the song that your marriage needs to be about if you want it to last and be fulfilling.

    building trust
  • Building Trust
  • Without trust, you really haven't got anything substantial in a relationship. You must be able to trust your partner, and s/he must be able to trust you.

  • Communication
  • Communication means almost everything in a relationship. We can avoid or resolve many conflicts, have a much happier relationship. And not fall into the trap of taking things personally and making wrong assumptions if we simply communicate openly and honestly with our lover and make it clear to them that we expect the same in return at all times.


    How to Overcome Fear of Intimacy

    Fear of intimacy is the inability of a person to share their true selves to others. Fear of intimacy does not only happen in romantic relationships but also to other kinds of relationships as well. This fear can be developed by ugly past experiences that involved abuse or neglect. It also goes hand in hand with fear of rejection and fear of abandonment.


How to Maintain a Healthy Love Relationship

Movies and books tell us that a love relationship can last, in the same way that they also tell us that it doesn’t. Nowadays, it seems that there are only a few individuals left who believe in a lasting romantic bond between partners. And sadly, the number is decreasing over time. Cynicism is the price we have to pay for allowing the print and new media to manipulate our world view.

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