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Attract More Positive Relationships Into Your Life

We have all experienced relationships in our lifetime that have ended abruptly or have gone bad without warning.  Some of us have experienced that same thing again and again, giving the feeling of failure or despair.  Knowing how to attract positive, healthy relationships in any aspect of our life can greatly improve the way we think about our relationships.

The first thing you need to remember is that relationships don’t form at a rapid pace.  Being patient and gaining trust in a person is vital to a long, healthy relationships.  This also means that you should not rush into the first relationship that is handy.  In romantic relationships especially, you must wait for the right person.  Moving too quickly usually ends in heartbreak.  Take some time and get to know the person.  Doing this will enhance the relationship and will give you the chance to weed out the unhealthy ones. 

We have all heard the old saying ’opposites attract’.  Statistically, when speaking of first marriages, people usually marry their opposite.  Even though their differences may seem intriguing, the relationship usually ends in divorce.  In second marriages, people typically find someone that is more like them.  So, why waste the time in a marriage that will probably end in failure?  Again, patience plays a huge role here.  Find someone that has the same interests in you.  This will set the stage for the relationship and will give you some common ground.

Be positive.  Believe that you deserve a healthy relationship.  Simply by displaying a positive attitude will attract more positive people into your life.  Having confidence and radiating a sense of happiness will boost your mood and those around you.  Being positive is contagious.  Weed out those negative thoughts and negative people.


  Sometimes, this can be difficult considering you cannot choose coworkers or school mates.  However, you can make your interaction time limited.  Constant negativity can make you feel tired and lower self-esteem.
Be grateful of the positive relationships you have now.  Understanding that sincere, healthy relationships are sometimes hard to come by, let the person know that you are happy to be a part of their life.  Not only will this enhance the relationship, it will give both of you a sense of trust.  Knowing that and acknowledging it is vital in maintaining and attracting more positive relationships in your life.


Think of yourself as a magnet.  You will attract what you put off.  If you are negative all the time, then negativity will find you.  After all, misery loves company.  Putting off a positive vibe will in turn, attract happiness.  Attracting more positive relationships starts with changes in yourself.  The ability to step back and look inside can help in finding can help initiate those positive changes.

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