5 Quick Divorce Tips to End Uncertain Relationships

According to a study conducted by online divorcing website, the rate of divorce in the US already increased to 50%. The website also conducted a study on the effect of using quick divorce to end uncertain relationships among couples. Divorcerate recently reported that about 60 to 70% of American couples have been using the process of do-it-yourself or quick divorcing.

There are hundreds of quick divorce services spreading in the internet, and one of the most preferred among couples nowadays is the Legalzoom website. The Legalzoom provides the divorce services for a minimal price. The website also provides additional services such as delivery of the complete divorce papers through FedEx within 2 days, a toll-free hotline where couples can ask questions and clarifications about the papers and parenting agreement form for couples who have children.

Putting an end to relationships through quick divorce is simple but not that easy. The duration of the legal process in filing a divorce either online or in the court room might take you a long time and a huge amount of money to spend. Here are 5 quick divorce tips to help you and your partner put an end to your commitment.

  • Agree with your partner in undergoing the process of filing a quick divorce. Decide first on who will get the house, cars and other shared expenses or assets. Quick divorces are granted in a short time when couples do not have shared assets or child custody dealings.
  • Go with the contested type of quick divorce if your partner is living apart from you for more than a year.
  • File a no-fault divorce as much as possible. The no-fault divorce will involve some parties who have been witnesses to the failure of your marriage.
  • Some cities in the US are granting quick divorces in less than a month. If you’re living in either Nevada or California areas, you can acquire a quick divorce in Reno or Los Angeles.
  • If your partner is a foreigner, it is recommended that you should file a quick divorce in another country.



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